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Talent Management


Being an integral part of The Ministry of Higher Education's Akademi Kepimpinan Pendidikan Tinggi (AKEPT) or the Higher Education Leadership Academy (HELA), the Centre for Talent Management (CeTM) strategically shapes leadership in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) through three core functions: profiling potential talents for their future and potential growth, implementing impactful programmes to groom expert individuals to institutionalise competency based approaches for in-house talent development, and fostering collaborative networking and engagement with talent management counterparts. These functions cumulatively aim to build a strong data driven baseline, catalyses positive transformation, and easing communication barriers; ensuring that higher education institutions have pools visionary, thoughtful and ready leaders, prepared to navigate future challenges.

Programme Highlights

As the Centre for Talent Management in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions, our core functions are strategically designed to shape the future of leadership talent within the academic landscape. In AKEPT, we meticulously profile leadership talents, identifying and nurturing individuals with exceptional potential to ensure Competency-Based Talent Management (CBTM) can be institutionalised at all levels (institution and national). By creating and providing impactful programmes, we strongly believe that we can empower and develop in-house talent, fostering a culture of continuous learning environment and innovation. Our extensive networking and engagement initiatives connecting us with talent management counterparts across Malaysian HEIs, creating a collaborative ecosystem that amplifies the impact of talent management and development. Together, these functions converge to drive positive transformation, ensuring that our higher education institutions are equipped with ready leaders (institutional leadership and instructional leadership), poised to navigate the challenges of tomorrow.