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Leadership Development


The Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) at the Academy of Leadership in Higher Education (AKEPT) plays a crucial role in shaping and strengthening leadership within the higher education community through the implementation of three primary functions. In designing training modules, CLD places emphasis on the diversity of participants' competencies to ensure effective delivery of theoretical content and understanding of concepts before direct interaction.

Under the function of Instructional Leadership, CLD engages in identifying the needs for academic leadership competencies, designing training programs, and developing instructional modules that focus on both theoretical aspects and practical applications of academic leadership.

In the realm of Administrative Leadership and Management (Institutional), CLD manages the planning and implementation of leadership programs, emphasizing the development of competencies in the context of administration and academic management across various types of Higher Education Institutions. CLD also monitors the implementation, ensuring alignment of theory with practical application to meet competency requirements in different Higher Education Institution scenarios.

By aligning these tasks, CLD AKEPT strives to create a holistic and progressive learning environment, shaping a generation of higher education leaders who are of high quality, relevant, and equipped with comprehensive competence.

Programme Highlights

The programs offered by the Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) operate under three main functions: the Institutional Leadership Framework, Instructional Leadership Framework, and Administrative Leadership Framework. These programs emphasize comprehensive initiatives for leadership development within the higher education community.

Within the Institutional Leadership Framework, CLD's programs cover four main dimensions: Generic Leadership, Institutional Leadership, Academic Leadership, and Administrative Leadership. These programs equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to lead in various contexts and roles within higher education institutions.

Under the Instructional Leadership Framework, CLD provides programs that focus on developing leadership skills in the context of teaching and learning. These include programs such as Problem-based Learning, Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, Digital Learning, and Assessment Towards Student Learning in Higher Education. These programs are designed to emphasize innovative teaching techniques, the use of technology in learning, and comprehensive assessment practices for student learning at the higher education level.

Additionally, programs like Curriculum, Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, Student Supervision, and Learning Engagement & Motivation highlight crucial aspects of instructional leadership. They assist participants in understanding and applying the latest methods in curriculum design, student supervision, and motivating active learning.

Through these outstanding programs, CLD at AKEPT makes a significant contribution to leadership development within the higher education community, helping individuals become forward-thinking, creative leaders ready to tackle the challenges of the rapidly evolving landscape in higher education.