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Leadership Research and Global Outreach


The Center for Leadership Research and Global Outreach (CRO) at the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) conducts short-term strategic research on leadership in higher education institutions.

The findings of this research can be utilized as policy papers, guidelines, or action plans to assist in formulating national higher education policies, particularly in the aspect of leadership. CRO also plays a role as a knowledge hub, publishing in various accessible mediums for the purpose of knowledge accessibility and sharing.

Additionally, CRO implements engagement initiatives and consultations in the field of leadership in higher education contexts for both domestic and global. CRO is also committed to supporting AKEPT in positioning its role and visibility.


Programme Highlights

The programs at the Center for Leadership Research and Global Outreach (CRO) are implemented based on two main pillars: research and innovation and global outreach in the context of leadership in higher education. CRO designs the scope of short-term research that is focused and strategic to assist in preparing draft policy papers, guidelines, and action plans that can aid in formulating leadership-related policies in the country's higher education sector.

The results of this short-term research also take the form of innovations in planning programs, development training modules, or new initiatives for leadership development in higher education. This will also be translated into knowledge sharing through various mediums and publications to ensure the sustainability of knowledge implementation. Knowledge sharing ensures effective and widespread continuity and preservation of knowledge.

CRO also plans and implements discourse programs through flagship programs that involve collaboration and participation from both within and outside the country. These discourse programs discuss current issues, including trends, technological developments, and socio-economic and geo-political directions in the current landscape of higher education, including values and integrity. Discussions on current issues like these can provide exposure and sharing to institutional leadership so they are more aware of current developments.

The publication of results from short-term research and leadership discourse programs can be shared through digital access published on the AKEPT website. CRO also plays a role in spearheading AKEPT's global outreach with external parties, including private entities, domestic and international agencies, and strategic partners interested in seeking AKEPT's consultation services regarding talent management in the higher education sector. AKEPT's consultation services cover aspects of institutional leadership, instructional leadership, and talent management. Collaboration and strategic networking with strategic partners from within and outside the country can strengthen the planning and implementation of leadership programs at AKEPT. CRO is committed to serving all public and private universities, polytechnics, and community colleges.