Biomass For Biofuels And Value Added Products; Innovative Technologies towards Commercialization of Biomass Resources for Sustainable Development in Nation Building . Higher Education Leadership Academy, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. (ISBN: 978-967-0691-00-8)

  • Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris
  • Wan Asma Ibrahim
  • Rafidah Jalil
  • Zulkafli Hassan
  • Saidatul Shima Jamari

This publication contains the Proceedings of the International Conference on Biomass for Biofuels and Value Added Products held in Kuala Lumpur on 23-24 October 2012. The theme for this conference was Innovative Technologies towards Commercialization of Biomass Resources for Sustainable Development in Nation Building. It is designed to disseminate the latest technology, activities and R&D findings in the utilization of biomass for biofuel and other value-added products to the private sector, researchers, academics, industrialists and policy makers.

The Conference is the first conference organized under the conference series of the Academia as Leaders in Green Technology for Sustainable Development in Nation Building. It was organized by Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT).

The Conference program included over 61 invited and selected oral and 47 poster presenters. The oral presentation consists of 3 keynotes, 3 plenary and 55 oral presenters. The conference managed to bring 280 participants which comprised of academicians, government agencies, industries and international.

Dialog Meja Bulat Naib Canselor; Memacu Universiti di Malaysia ke Arah Kecemerlangan. Higher Education Leadership Academy, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. (ISBN: 978-967-0524-46-7)

  • Norzaini Azman
  • Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris
  • Hii Yii Siang

Idea dan amalan terbaik daripada kepimpinan tertinggi university penting untuk dikongsi bersama bagi mengangkat kedudukan IPT ke tahap kecemerlangan. Pertemuan Naib Canselor dan Pengerusi Lembaga Pengarah Universiti dalam satu Perbicangan Meja Bulat yang telah diadakan di Pulau Langkawi merupakan peristiwa bersejarah melibatkan hamper semua kepimpinan tertinggi IPT untuk bertukar idea dan berkongsi pengalaman. Perbincangan menyentuh isu pemerkasaan governans, amalan penyelidikan berimpak tinggi, memperkukuh pengajaran dan pembelajaran, pembangunan bakat akademik, dan scenario masa depan university. Pengumpulan idea dan pengalaman mereka dalam buku ini merupakan khazanah berharga sesuai untuk rujukan pemimpin yang bakal menerajui IPT di masa hadapan.

Interdisciplinary Academic Readings for Science, Technology and Social Science. Higher Education Leadership Academy, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. (ISBN: 978-967-0468-37-2)

  • Dr. Wan Fauziah Wan Yusoff
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris

The establishment of AKEPT has always been the eyes of many stakeholder of the higher education organization in Malaysia. It carries the transformation agenda of the nation through mind sharing and consolidation of ideas for the advancement of our country now and in the future. With careful support and trust from the Ministry of Higher Education, AKEPT has grown to be the platform of growth for almost every sector within the institutional of higher learning in terms of learning and teaching, research, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property and commercialization as well as leadership and governance of the university. All in one is to spur the prosperity of the people, society and nation building. In order to do that, AKEPT has to take the option and roles in promoting and facilitate a culture of research and publication on issues and challenges in higher education. One of the efforts is to produce the research outcomes into a reading books or items to be shared from the academics to the societies. The emulation of the knowledge sharing and projection of the academia world may be exposed via publication of such monographs, journals, magazines and books. AKEPT would like to indicate that the publication of Interdisciplinary Academic Readings for Science, Technology and Social Science will be one of the referral subject areas in its related fields. We know that research is the main agenda in higher education and it is recognizable as an innovation driven for any society or nation. In order to take the challenge of being an academy, AKEPT has initiates the collaborative effort between the Centre of Leadership in Research and Innovation (ACLRi) and the Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) to conduct an academic writing into high impact journals programmes. As a result, the compilation of academic papers has formed the book. The high impact publications via this media will strengthen the transformation of innovative and intensive society particularly to position the higher education sector as a hub for educational excellence regionally and internationally. Publication for these academic readings is part of AKEPT activities under ACLRi to appreciate and encourage the academia to be popular and world renowned within their own respected fields by writing and contributing more to the society. It is in line with the aspirations and objectives of the National Higher Education Strategic Plan (NHESP) of Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. With the vision of AKEPT to be acknowledge as the global benchmark and referral Centre for Higher Education Leadership, Learning and Teaching, Research and Innovation, it could not have been possible without the efforts of many individuals. In general, AKEPT would like to express our gratitude and thanks as well as to extend our appreciation to all academia who has contributed their articles for this publication and indirectly support towards AKEPT and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

2nd ACLRI Annual Roundtable; Sustainable Transformation Agenda For High Income Nation And Competitive Human Capital Through Academic Research Leadership: Advancing Engineering For Nation Sustainability. Higher Education Leadership Academy. (ISBN: 978-967-10602-8-5)

  • Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris
  • Mohd Ikmar Nizam Mohamad Isa
  • Biswajeed Pradhan
  • Norhisham Bakhary
  • Murni Melati Ahmad
  • Hasfalina Che Man
  • Noor Amila Wan Abdullah Zawawi
  • Ahmad Zulfaa Mohamed Kassim.

The growth of the nation is measured based on socio-economic and state of infrastructure for the spurring of the public well-being and trading activities that create sources of income. Most of the growth is contributed via advancement of engineering and technology in the research and development field. It may produce new jobs, systems, processes and services plus increasing the level of productivity within the economic world by synergizing and conjoining the values of innovation and creativity of the human resources. Therefore, the think tank of the nation and the professionals need to debate and summarize the roles of academia in ensuring the return of investment of research to the public and nation. The platform to discuss the focusing matters in engineering and technology field that enable to create jobs and career particularly to mobilize the economic growth within the regional and international rim must continue to be at par with the current and future expectation of the world in order to be competitive and relevant.

The involvement of the National Council of Professor with the young academies and researchers in organizing such an event supported by AKEPT under the Centre for Leadership Research and Innovation (ACLRi) entitled: ACLRi 2nd Annual Roundtable: Sustainable Transformation Agenda for High Income Nation and Competitive Human Capital through Academic Research Leadership will definitely act as a network to tie researchers. As this will encourages sharing knowledge, experiences, expertise and technology across institutions that will benefit community and country. The results of this event also targeted to materialize the ideas shared among young researchers and leading professors in Malaysia in the engineering and technology research strategically in making sure the continuity of the country’s development. With the theme “Advancing Engineering for Nation Sustainability: Innovation and Evolution” our aim to translate the outcome of the roundtable discussion to the action plan research in the more strategic fields based on the nation current trends a reality and achievable. AKEPT will continue to support the effort of making higher education agenda a priority in the total nation building.

Annual University Administration Leaders Roundtable; Future Direction towards Global Institutions of Higher Learning. Higher Education Leadership Academy. ISBN: 978-967-12277-1-8

  • Razali Che Razak
  • Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris
  • Megawati Omar


The 1st Annual University Administration Leaders Roundtable: Future Direction towards Institution of Global Higher Institutions was held at the Renaissance Hotel, Kota Bharu, Kelantan on 13 October 2012. Being the first of such a programme, it was organized by Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) in collaboration with the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT). This manuscript was written based on the script taken by the rapporteurs.

This roundtable was anticipated to offer assistance to the public universities top administrators. The programme in line with the Prime Minister’s 2012 vision of the National Innovation Movement (NIM 2012), would also transcend a new engine for change and build momentums in creating more effective campuses. Thus the universities top administrators: the Registrar, Treasurer, Chief Librarian and Legal Adviser were selected to participate as they are the main individuals responsible for the universities transformation, expected to act in tandem with the Government’s education plans. In short, this 1st Annual University Administration Leaders Roundtable had brought university administration leaders in Malaysia to discuss challenges and plan strategies.

Innovation and Economic Transformation in the Study of Science and Medicine. Higher Education Leadership Academy. (ISBN: 978-967-12277-0-1)

  • Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris
  • Roziah Omar
  • Ahmad Jaffri Ahmad Ahmad Zaini
  • Megawati Omar

This monograph is a report of gist secured from lecturers and discussions at the Innovation Leadership Lecture on Innovation and Economic Transformation in the Study of Science and Medicine, held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre on 7 March 2011. It was written based on the scripts taken by rapporteurs. Lecturers were presented by Professor Dr. Looi Lai Meng, JSM, Distinguished Professor of 2010 of the Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia. Its attendees were academics, post-graduate students and researchers.

Any discussion runs the risk of becoming the one that admits no focus hence the emphasis of this lecture was to provide academics and researchers a platform to discuss innovation and scientific studies or research issues for the national economy transformation. The objective was to foment the academics and researchers to conduct high quality research for the nation. It was also to promote and uphold the research culture and stimulate innovation in applied and research developments.

Identifying and Developing Young Academic Leaders; Succession Planning Practices in Malaysia Public Universities.Monograph1/2012. Higher Education Leadership Academy. (ISBN: 978-983-44737-9-2)

  • Norzaini Azman.

Identifying and Developing Young Academic Leaders; Succession Planning Practices in Malaysia Public Universities.Monograph1/2012. Higher Education Leadership Academy. ISBN: 978-983-44737-9-2

For a university to achieve success, to sustain its high level of performance, and to keep growing from strength to strength, its needs to have a continued line of effective, competent academic leaders as its helm. There is little research evidence to support such an assertion or to underpin the importance of succession planning in higher education. How do universities ensure continuity of strong leadership?

The study reported in this book sets out to gain insights into current practices and potentialities in academic leadership succession planning and development within a stratified sample of Malaysian public universities. The premise of this study is that continuity in strong academic leadership is of utmost importance to Malaysian universities. One way to help ensure sustainable leadership in academia is to identify potential young leaders and provide training and development for them to take on leadership roles.

Specifically, the research aims to gain a broader understanding of how Malaysian public universities identify potential academic leaders from their pool of young academics, and how they train them, and what evidence there is of commitment to leadership development and succession planning. To do this, we explore the perceptions of junior and senior academics, human resource managers and top management leaders regarding succession planning practices. In addition, we also explore types of academic leadership that should be nurtured and developed.

The findings and analyses provide a holistic conceptualization of academic leadership, the practices and impediments of succession planning and a model of academic leadership development approach. Central to this model are the academic development paths for the four domains of leadership within a university: teaching, research, public and management leadership, all of equal importance. Finally, an implementation framework comprising processes and tools that are considered fundamental in succession planning is provided to be used as a means to facilitate leadership development of academics as well as for sustaining young academics to direct their abilities and expertise in their pursuit of becoming academic leaders.

ACELLT Leadership Development Series In Higher Education Learning And Teaching: The 2013 Programmes. Higher Education Leadership Academy. (ISBN: 978-967-10602-6-1)

For 2013, the AKEPT Centre for Leadership in Learning and Teaching (ACELLT) offers a structured Leadership Development Programme in 15 areas of higher education learning and teaching with 45 training modules. The areas offered are Learning and Teaching in Higher Education; Understanding Learning; Learner Diversity; Curriculum Design, Management and Development; Learning Motivation and Engagement; Learning Assessment; Interactive Lecture; e-Learning; Problem-Based Learning; Case Teaching; Project-Oriented Problem-Based Learning; Modular Approach; Student Supervision; Industrial Training/Practicum as well as Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. An overview of the 15 ACELL’s Programmes as well as the respective 45 training modules are presented in the following sections.

In each of the 45 leadership training modules, participants will experience deep and meaningful learning engagement in an innovative, student-centered learning and teaching atmosphere, where higher-order thinking skills are encouraged through the application of scholarship of teaching and learning as well the synthesis of innovative and creative learning-teaching strategies. This is to ensure that the prospective higher education leaders and master trainers are capable of leading other academics and higher education institutions in transforming learning and teaching in their area of expertise as aspired by the Leadership Critical Agenda Project (CAP) of the National Higher Education Strategic Plan (NHESP).

Under 2013, Leadership Development Series in Higher Education Learning and Teaching, ACELLT also offers three new training modules, namely Andragogy, Instructional Design and Action-Oriented Learning. Besides that, ACELLT also organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, roundtables and scholarly projects that support the leadership development in higher education learning and teaching.