The 5th ASEAN Future Leaders Summit (AFLES 2017)

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The 5th ASEAN Future Leaders Summit (AFLES 2017)

Event Details


The 5th ASEAN Future Leaders Summit (AFLES 2017) is a programme of student leadership transformation that invites student leaders from leading universities in ASEAN. The programme creates a good opportunity in terms of leadership, entrepreneurship and networking platform for students of the ASEAN region, as well as creating a strong leadership community of young leaders connecting Public Universities in Malaysia with the rest of ASEAN. This programme also promotes friendship and commitment in pursuing the welfare of both the campus community that the participants will be involved with discussions, forums, activities on leadership, teamwork and cross cultural exchange, as well as include the workshop and educational session. The aims of the programme are to enrich students with leadership capabilities and to create a networking platform for participants to share ideas and knowledge on critical issues of higher education, leadership and student participation to aid in policy making and to create a sustainable tomorrow for the young generation.

 Key Benefit

  • Promote Malaysia as a higher education hub for ASEAN community.
  • Develop and nurture friendship as well as strong ties among leading universities in the ASEAN region.
  • Establishment of ASEAN Young Leaders’ Transformation Group as a permanent committee for future projects.
  • Engage in long-term student leadership programmes for ASEAN university networking

 Who Should Attend

  • Universities Postgraduate / Undergraduate Student Leaders Enrolled in Any ASEAN University
  • Fresh Graduate or Last Year Undergraduate (Less than 1 Year Working Experience in Community Work).

Tentative Program
(Please see attached tentative programme)