AKEPT Leadership Talk Series (ALTS 2017) : 4th Series

South East Asian Higher Education Summit 2017 (SEAHES 2017)
T115 (Advanced) Instructional Design And Startegies

AKEPT Leadership Talk Series (ALTS 2017) : 4th Series

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Tentative AKEPT Leadership Talk Series (ALTS 2017) : 4th Series

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Synopsis: Leadership and Social Innovation


Social Innovation has become the buzz word in higher education and higher education institutions (HEIs) are expected to engage actively in defining and contributing to the processes. Yet, little is known about social innovation compared to the vast amount of research into technological innovation. This keynote paper will address the definitions of social innovation, the key characteristics that must be present to qualify a new product, service or practice as a social innovation, as well as the conditions that can enable and sustain social innovation in HEIs. It then offers examples of social innovation projects and share the design, stages and evaluation of such initiatives, as well as how they are sustained over time. As putting social innovation into practice involves cutting across organisational, sectoral or disciplinary boundaries, the keynote concludes by highlighting the role of leaders and dedicated teams in ensuring the successful implementation of social innovation initiatives.