Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) is responsible for providing training pathway for developing and sustaining leadership excellence in academic, institutional and strategic research leadership. The leadership training programmes are targeted for those who have been in the management of the higher education institution (HEI) including potential student leaders.

Various programmes have been set up to produce credible leaders. One of them is Southeast Asian Scholars for Higher Education Leadership 2018 (SEASHEL 2018) which targets lecturers who are currently pursuing postgraduate studies. The first stage of the program will be carried out in collaboration with Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand. It will be expanded to the entire Southeast Asian region in the future.  The programme is designed to account for skills upgrading, exposures and observations to equip participants with high aspirations to become future leaders.

Key Benefit

  1. To develop young scholars’ potential to become future higher education leadership.
  2. To equip young scholars with leadership skills in dealing with various issues and challenges.
  3. To learn about diversity and internationalisation.


Who Should Attend?

Young lecturers who are currently enrolled in postgraduate programmes.