Higher Education in the 21st Century is a large-scale national study that is documenting how different groups think about the goals of the universities and the value of the knowledge to strengthen educational outcomes into better aligning of the national agenda. In recent years, there have been numerous changes to the university's agenda and in the broader landscape of higher education.

The education system must be in line with a world that is facing swift, exponential change primarily driven by technological innovation. The preservation and transformation of technology and sciences is most likely to be effective if such efforts build upon knowledge of the perspectives of all the stakeholders of the University. With the rapid changes taking place, a massive change in the education system is crucial. Today, it has segued into yet another monumental era - the fourth industrial revolution-Industry 4.0, the name given to the latest evolution in the digitisation and automation of manufacturing processes which integrates technological advances into every facet of life. All Industrial Revolutions have had a profound impact on global society, and Industry 4.0 is no exception. Workplaces are experiencing dramatic transformations unlike anything before, and companies are challenged with recognizing and adapting to these changes.

The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia has set forth new initiatives as part of its effort to cultivate holistic, entrepreneurial and balanced graduates to be globally competitive and meet the needs of Industry 4.0.  IR4.0 is particularly unique in the way it challenges current notions of hierarchy and leadership. Industry 4.0 and all societies around the globe and nations are confronting the realities of the new digital world. Thus, it is important for leaders and aspiring leaders to stay abreast of the changing landscape and maintain an enlightened and flexible approach to guide businesses into the future.



  • Understand changes and impact of university leadership.
  • A platform to discuss current issues and sharing best practices in forming a new education system towards Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  • Valuable suggestions of how best to provide quality of higher education in the 21st



  • Chairman/ Board of Directors
  • Vice-Chancellors/ Presidents
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Registrars
  • Seniors Officers
  • Senior Officers from Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia
  • Seniors Officers from Higher Education Leadership Academy Malaysia