AKEPT Young Scholars Programme (AYSP)

‘Nurturing Future Academic Leaders for Malaysia’


Young Academic Leaders is one of the seven thrusts of AKEPT. As the only institution in Malaysia mandated to address the needs for continuous leadership development in higher education, the mandate should also include student leadership to ensure future leaders are groomed as early as possible. Hence, as a way to develop academic leadership among students, AKEPT Young Scholars Programme (AKEPT YSP) is proposed.

AKEPT YSP is a year‐long programme, where 25 postgraduate students have undergone formal training and mentoring by 14 young academics in 2016/2017. The participants, from the sciences, professional sciences and social sciences/humanities, received formal training in public speaking, presentation skills, academic writing, and generic skills related to research and being an academic. In addition, the participants have been under the guidance of a young academic in their respective disciplines through job shadowing and career mentoring that include the know‐how of applying for an academic position, preparing and enhancing the curriculum vitae for an academic career.

This programme is not meant to substitute the learning experience of students in their respective universities, instead, it is to add value to the learning of the participants such as helping them to realise the importance of impact of research and communicating their research to a wider audience. At the end of the year‐long programme, participants will give a public presentation at the Graduation Conference, which will take the form of public lectures. The papers presented will also be turned into an edition of the AKEPT Student Journal, which is proposed to be managed entirely by the participants. For AKEPT YSP 2017/2018, a total of 35 participants be selected and 20 mentors to participate.

Key Benefit

To develop related skills pertaining to future academics especially among postgraduate students across various Malaysian higher education institutions.

To enhancing their related skills and capabilities as well as encouraging them to consider academia as their career pathways

To establish partnership with relevant groups of young academics such as the Young Scientists

Who Should Attend?

Current research students (Doctorate and Master by Research) in all IPTAs.