In order to create a sustainable leadership talent pool of academics who are well-versed in the theories and practices of higher education teaching,  learning and research, AKEPT has established AKEPT Trainer Development Programme (ATDeP) which involved the  development of several Trainer Core-competencies. The programme provides an opportunity to the academia’s own career development roadmap for academic faculty members in teaching,  learning and research - from a novice to a leader and eventually a trainer. The development takes into account the key concept of sustainability in the Higher Education Institutions that ensuring the high standard and quality of the tertiery level well maintained.

ATDeP will cater a number of trainees that qualified and passionate enough to be trained as trainers. The participants would come volunteerily or nominated after the completion of AKEPT Compentency & Enhancement Programme (ACEP). Hence, the trainees will then be polished and groomed in delivering training, providing positive feedback to create an atmosphere of acceptance and approval, facilitating participation and engagement in large and small groups, coaching to close the gap between desired performance and actual performance and eventually, creating measurable impact by linking concepts with organizational objectives.

The programme will take place in four (4) consecutive phases with miniature environment of nearly one-to-one coaching from the Master Trainer in ensuring eight (8) Trainer’s Core-competencies to be well developed. Among the competencies are :

  1. Presenting with Impact
  2. Feedback: Supportive and Corrective
  3. Facilitate for Group Results
  4. Vocal Skills and Body Language
  5. Coaching for Skills Development

Event date Wednesday, 28 March 2018
Event end date Thursday, 29 March 2018