This module aims to introduce participants to the concepts of academic profession, rooted in a large number of disciplines and is based primarily in an academic system & culture. It will also focus on the changes in academic careers and their implications for academic scholarship, culture, roles, and the management of academic work. Participants will examine topics related to the nature and changes of Academic Profession (AP), rewards of academic career, academic leadership, and discuss on topics such as income and job satisfaction, internationalisation of the academy, motivation and behaviours of academics, professional development needs and how these impact the organisation and management of academic talent particularly in recruitment, development and promotion of young academics & the professoriate.


  1. Show understanding of the concept of AP and its roles, its diversity across all institutional types; the variances in academic functions and the impact of the wide variety of institutional types/classifications upon the profession;
  2. Evaluate the culture of academics within and across institutions; and the way academics can effectively relate with others in the institution, profession, field or wider community (industry and government agencies); and
  3. Evaluate and plan stages of the academic career and development to inform academic talent planning and development, and their impact on talent management.


  • Deans and Deputy Deans
  • Directors and Deputy Directors of COE and Institutes
  • Directors and Deputy Directors of Polytechnics and Community Colleges
  • Heads of Academic Departments
  • Senior Lecturers

Event date Wednesday, 14 March 2018
Event end date Thursday, 15 March 2018