What is leadership? What do great leaders do? No matter where in the world these questions are asked, the answers are the same: a leader is the head of a group, organisation or system; a leader is someone who influences others to achieve certain desired results; a leader directs or commands a group to achieve specific targets. Great leaders inspire others to do their best, care for their people,

develop them and listen to them. The universality of responses across the globe is remarkably striking. Yet, everyone agrees that there is a huge dearth of great leaders around.

This workshop challenges the popular notions about leadership, and redefines it into something a  lot more human and personal. Participants will walk away with a whole new worldview, and be able to differentiate bwtween simply living and leading a life. Specifically, they will understand what it means to be human, how they can make their lives more meaningful, how to find happiness and success, and how to leave a lasting legacy.

Participants will learn a powerful framework to discover their leadership purpose to enable them to successfully lead themselves, their teams and organisations.

Event date Wednesday, 11 April 2018
Event end date Thursday, 12 April 2018